Demonstrating and showing pupils and students one application of Mathematics.


Language of Mathematics: Its End Use!


A good number of students   - and dare we say, graduates   - even long after school still wonder why on earth, or for what good a good number of math topics are taught in schools.
This lot believe that, to a large extent, there is no use for mathematics.
They reason that basic arithmetic   - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division   - is enough for civilisation.
To such, algebra is an outright joke; not to mention trigonometry and differential equations.


To correct this notion, and put as many young minds as are willing in proper perspective with regards to the use of mathematics, we have set out to demonstrate (daemonstatrate) the implementation, application, and use of a few (obscene) branches of mathematics!


This platform can be used by computer science and mathematics teachers in schools, as well as youngsters at their idle time, to teach / learn the implementation / use of several topics in mathematics.
This is not meant to be a fixed curriculum; but a general computer programming with Mathematics guide and reference material.